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“Using ShelfTrend is addictive! Once you start seeing why the opposition is stealing sales it gives you a big push to make changes to your eBay listings.”- Alan Howard, Owner at BRITISH4WD
“Well, you are officially awesome. Compared to your stuff - your competitors are sad and slow...Your product is fast, lucid, exciting, promotes exploring - and at this stage, I CANNOT say enough good things. Except please do not sell it to anyone anymore, take it off the market, and become Benedictine monks...Love your work!“- Scott Stacey, Managing Director Kubby Covers
“I log in and Wow! Awesome! Unreal! Fantastic! are some of the words I used!……What I like the most it's SIMPLE and so easy to use and understand.“- Kevin Broberg, Owner Amazing Christmas

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  • Live eBay inventory data for 22 global eBay Sites.
  • Access to Live Listings (Top 500 Best Match Report) and New Listings Report.
  • Seller aggregated view of the data.  Identify competitors, how they rank, where they are coming from, inventory they are investing in.

Premium$9.99 per month (USD)
  • All Free Forever features and data plus more.
  • Access all features including sort, filter and search for faster inventory identification.
  • All data pivots by seller, brand and all inventory views for all reports.
  • Download to .csv for further analysis.
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