Frequently Asked Questions

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Who, Why and What?

Who started ShelfTrend?

ShelfTrend founders Anojan Abel and Lisa Wong have over 20 years experience working on Search, Structured Data, Buyer and Seller Experiences in eBay Australia and Europe. Read more…

What inspired you to start ShelfTrend?

An eBay store had a problem. Without warning, steady sales started declining week on week even though they had not changed any listing detail. They suspected a change to the Best Match search algorithm.

Upon closer analysis, we could see the seller had not seen new competitors aggressively list similar inventory at lower prices a few weeks earlier. As the seller did not have an easy way to identify changes in the marketplace conveniently they missed the new buying and selling trends in their categories that disrupted their business.

ShelfTrend was developed to help stores like this monitor and learn the latest marketplace activity, spot inventory opportunities and protect against potential threats.

How are you different to TeraPeak?

Unlike Terapeak data that can be delayed 3-5 days, ShelfTrend gives you data in real time.

ShelfTrend allows you to quickly research yourself against your competing products and the selling strategies in the market right now.

Signing Up

How do I access ShelfTrend?

You can access from any PC, tablet or mobile device browser. We have built our experience so it works across any popular device. We recommend adding our site as a favourite or as a shortcut on your phone or tablet

How do I register for ShelfTrend?

1. Navigate to the homepage at and click on the JOIN FREE button

2. Fill in the form or login with your ebay account details

3. Get started setting up your first new query

Can I cancel my Premium subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time from your “My Account” page.

What payment methods are available?

We accept most major credit cards securely.

How can I update my credit card details?

  1. Go to My Account>Change or update your payment method
  2. Add a new card
  3. Click “Update Account”

My registration was declined. What should I do?

Please contact your bank or other credit card provider who will help investigate further.

How can I get a copy of my payment receipt for ShelfTrend Premium?

You can view all your invoices by following the prompts in the “My Account” area.

Getting Started

How often is data updated on ShelfTrend?

All the data retrieved from the eBay marketplace is live. Our New Listing report returns data from 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs or 1 week ago depending on your selection.

Why should I buy a ShelfTrend Premium subscription?

A premium subscription allows greater convenience and deeper analysis of inventory. Check our Pricing page for more detail

How often should I check my categories?

We recommend you check every 24hrs for highly competitive categories with high turnover.

Can I save my queries?

Yes you will be able to save queries to a dashboard making future data refreshed easier. eBay makes category changes at regular intervals during the year so you may have to update your selections if this happens.

How many eBay country sites do you support?

ShelfTrend can provide insights on all categories across 22 eBay markets.

Why does eBay Motors show only Parts & Accessories categories?

ShelfTrend is only permitted by eBay to provide data from the Parts and Accessories category on the site in North America

My selection has an error saying it "Timed Out", what does that mean?

As ShelfTrend relies on eBay networks to build your insight it may have caught one of their servers at a bad time. Don’t worry this is usually only temporary so try again in a few minutes or try running the data by selecting a shorter time frame if possible.

We are looking for feedback and new ideas to improve so drop us an email at

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