Find product ideas from top eBay sellers

Use the Live Listings (Top 500) report to research the best things to sell on ebay

Here’s a step by step guide for sellers
1) Join Now and click “New Report” (A premium subscription is needed for some steps below)
2) Select “Live Listings (Top 500)”
3) Select an eBay country
4) Enter keywords for a product or select a category you’d like to research. For keywords starting with a broad search like “Mens watch” or “fitness tracker”  gives a wider view of the sellers and brands dominating buyer searches right now. For categories start by browsing the top level and then drilling down into lower leaf level categories. Get a list of categories for your country here
selecting a report
5) Check the overview boxes for a summary of activity in the top 500 best match listings.
  • What’s the first impression of how competitive the market is?
  • Are Total Listings, stock quantity, sold items and the number of sellers high or low?
  • What price and postage ranges are being offered to buyers?
6) Click on the chart button and analyze market share by sellers, brands, formats, condition, and country.
  • Observe preference of listing types and sellers being shown in best match.
  • Is there a dominant seller supplying stock and which GTC listings have top sold items?
  • Are unbranded items dominant or Branded products?
  • Is there a dominant item location, format or item condition?
7) Check the seller tab and observe sellers achieving top rank in best match.
  • How many of their items are in the top 50?
  • Click on Seller ID to drill into the listings.
  • Analyse best practices that are being used:
    • Images, Title, Item Specifics, Product Identifiers, Description
    • Seller customer service (Postage, handling, and returns
    • Prices and promotion strategies effecting sales.
  • Sellers with multiple listings in the top 50 and high sold items will have a dominant strategy in one of these areas that attract buyers
8) Click on Brands tab and observe brands that have the top rank in the results. Click on any Brand name and drill into the listings.
9) Click on Listings tab to see all listings.
  • Re-Rank by sold items and check on sellers that have sold the most stock.
  • What is the median price being offered by those with multiple listings?
  • Notice quantity available in these listings. Is stock running low and is now a good opportunity to source a similar product?
  • Is there any value to buyers by competing with this seller on the same product and where can this offer be improved? (Price, Customer Service, shipping, returns)
10) Use the filters on the left navigation to narrow the product type that you could source.
  • Exclude items by page rank, category price, Location, Formats and condition
  • Look for the volume of stock available to buyers and where quantity is low and sales are high
  • Repeat the analysis on whether any inventory can be improved upon or whether any buyer needs could be unmet.
11) Optional: Sellers can save their query (including filters applied) to the dashboard for one-click reporting for regular updates.
12) Optional: Sellers can conduct offline analysis by downloading the data (including filters applied) to a CSV file and using Excel or similar software.

Repeat this process with a more detailed search term or category selection.

Conduct regular research with the Live Listings (Top 500) report to make better decisions with expanding your product range, enter new categories and start exporting into new markets.

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