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ShelfTrend gives eBay Business Sellers live marketplace intelligence to increase sales and find new opportunities.
Founded by product management professionals from eBay, ShelfTrend’s vision is to arm data-driven professional eBay sellers with analytics to make critical business decisions and keep ahead of competition.
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Sell strategically.

eBay is a dynamic ever-changing marketplace with a low barrier for entry.
There are a billion listings globally with a 10% renewal rate. This means for every 1000 listings, 100 listings are ending and 100 new products are listed. With 90% of eBay sales derived from the first page of search results, position is key.

As an eBay Powerseller you need to be aware of your selling environment more than ever. ShelfTrend gives you a greater perspective of the eBay marketplace by providing focused, relevant eBay analytics.

⇒ Anticipate opportunities and impending threats early.
⇒ Get a different view on competitive benchmarking.
⇒ Monitor new inventory, products and brands.
⇒ Have greater control of product discoverability and sales.

Take your Business to the next level.
Awareness is the best type of eBay selling tool.

Stay ahead of the game. Know where you stand in Best Match.  Be the first to take action on eBay search visibility.  Get early data on new inventory, changes in prices, rise and falls in sales.

Unlock business expansion. Spot eBay supply gaps and sourcing opportunities, see signs of buyer demand and compare against global trends in cross border trade. Know what to sell.

Strengthen your competitive edge. Get confident in selling tactics that win against price, brand and product wars. Build a robust inventory line-up to hold your position.

“Using ShelfTrend is addictive! Once you start seeing why the opposition is stealing sales it gives you a big push to make changes to your eBay listings.”- Alan Howard, Owner at BRITISH4WD
“Well, you are officially awesome. Compared to your stuff - your competitors are sad and slow...Your product is fast, lucid, exciting, promotes exploring - and at this stage, I CANNOT say enough good things. Except please do not sell it to anyone anymore, take it off the market, and become Benedictine monks...Love your work!“- Scott Stacey, Managing Director Kubby Covers
“I log in and Wow! Awesome! Unreal! Fantastic! are some of the words I used!……What I like the most it's SIMPLE and so easy to use and understand.“- Kevin Broberg, Owner Amazing Christmas

Data that is uncomplicated, clear and concise.

Get data in real-time, with summary overviews of the most important stats.
Simple data table structure. Pivot by seller, brands or view everything at once.
Check data on rank, inventory levels, location, sales, pricing and postage and other listing details.
Filter, sort and search by keyword to zoom into what you’re looking for.
Downloadable to .csv and Excel for further analysis.
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