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ShelfTrend offers Powersellers a new way of looking at eBay with live marketplace data for over a billion listings in thousands of categories from over 20 eBay countries.

Founded by product management executives from eBay, ShelfTrend’s vision is to arm data-driven professional eBay sellers with analytics to make critical business decisions and keep ahead of the competition.

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Make decisions based on data, not guesswork

Source products that sell
Spot eBay supply gaps showing signs of buyer demand.  Validate supplier product recommendations against live marketplace activity

Research your competition
Watch for Best Match ranking drops and rises, trending brands and products. Build a robust inventory line-up to hold your position

Unlock business expansion
Compare against trends, prices and inventory across 22 different eBay markets to build your cross-border trade strategy

“This level of competitive research could help you in numerous ways, such as when you’re deciding which products to source and what price you might expect to attain, and – arguably even more important – how to attain better exposure in search results.“- Ina Steiner, Editor EcommerceBytes
“Well, you are officially awesome. Compared to your stuff - your competitors are sad and slow...Your product is fast, lucid, exciting, promotes exploring - and at this stage, I CANNOT say enough good things...Love your work!“- Scott Stacey, Managing Director Kubby Covers
“Using ShelfTrend is addictive! Once you start seeing why the opposition is stealing sales it gives you a big push to make changes to your eBay listings.”- Alan Howard, Owner at BRITISH4WD

A different way to research eBay

Data that is simple, clear and concise.
Simple data table structure. Pivot by sellers, brands or view everything at once.

Real-time overviews of the most important stats.
Check rank, inventory levels, sales velocity, location, pricing and listing details.

Enhanced Analytical tools for fast insight.
Interactive smart charts.  Filter, sort and search to zoom into different perspectives.

Standardised data reports crunch the numbers for you.
Reports for the Top 500, New listings in the last 7 days, Supply-Demand metrics and more coming soon

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Introducing ShelfTrend’s New Supply Demand Analytical Report

Introducing ShelfTrend’s New Supply Demand Analytical Report

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